Tough and fast, this is a formidable foe. You'll need to play smart!
~ on Scuttlers

Basic Info
Type Groundtype Ground




Special Info
Recommended Tower Cannon and Ice Towers
Can Use Shields?  ?

Scuttlers, unofficially, but commonly known as Crabs, are a new monster introduced in PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and Ultimate. 

Habitat and AppearanceEdit

Scuttlers are a new monster that was introduced in the previously stated versions. It is a common monster on Gati Gati Island, the third large island, however, it, along with a mysterious new boss monster, have appeared on Tiki and Toki islands as well. Scuttlers have a crab-like, hence its common name as Crabs. Its appearance is a red-ish four-legged creature with a gray shell covered in light gray barnacles. The Scuttler has two eye stalks that extend from the eye sockets of the iconic monster mask. Its right claw is small, while its left is enlarged.


The Scuttler's shell acts as tough armor, like the Giant, which makes it strong against Arrow Towers. However, unlike many armored monsters, the Scuttler moves about as fast as a regular Spider. This deadly tough and speedy combination means that arrow towers cannot hit it due to armor, and Cannon Towers will do less damage due to the Scuttler escaping. The best possible way to get them is to slow them with an Ice Tower, then destroying them with cannons.